419 Welfare Benefit Plans

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All the professional service you require, to protect you family, your business and yourself. 

Organization and Consistency 

We stay on top of our tasks to make sure that they are properly completed, as well as consistently do what is necessary to always have a successful day.

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For the past 25 years, successful business and individuals have turned to Lance Wallach expert witness and his team of accountants, attorneys and ex-IRS agents, and they are glad they did! Lance Wallach's side has never lost a case.

Solutions and implementation

Expert Witness Services

With the right expert you could:    

​Get back all the money you put into the plan in the first place

Reduce or eliminate the fines and penalties

Get into compliance so the IRS has no reason to attack you

Sue the agent, promoter, and/or insurance company that got you involved with the

Plan (some companies have initiatives in place to make a business owner whole)

Compliance and reporting

"Audit help" and support 

"Expert witness testimony"  

Plan reviews and evaluations  

Research and analysis of tax laws  

419e and 412i plan rescue (compliance consulting)  
Providing guidance for attorneys, CPAs and taxpayers nationwide

Determination letters (tax exempt status)

​​Most services can be handled through written and electronic communication

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